SAFECROSS crossings safety KIT


Main Features of Safecross
Plug and play system.
Configurable modular system with the following options:
1 or 2 LED projectors for high-visibility signaling for: pedestrian crossing/danger/stop.
1 or 2 traffic lights.
Door locking system using an electromagnet.

Main Applications of Safecross

Crossing of pedestrians and vehicles in indoor areas of industrial environments (production areas, warehouses, etc.).

System Components

Electrical control and operation cabinet.
Vehicle proximity detector using radar (D.1).

Optional Components:

LED projectors for light signaling (P.1 & P.2).
Ø80mm red/green LED traffic lights for vehicle crossing signaling (S.1 & S.2).
Electromagnet for door locking upon vehicle approach (E.1).
Vehicle proximity detector using radar (D.2).


The intelligent assisted safety system Safecross helps improve industrial safety in workplaces. By detecting the movement of forklifts and signaling safety messages with LED projectors.

It allows illuminated projection of crosswalks and traffic signs. Automatically switching when a forklift approaches, warning pedestrians with a forklift-danger signal of the imminent risk.

This system reduces the risks of pedestrians run over by industrial forklifts. Especially suitable for crossings with low visibility and a high risk of collision.

It also allows signaling through traffic lights and the option to add an electromagnet for pedestrian door blocking. Always through the detection of the presence of a forklift, which will activate all control and signaling signals.

The Safecross system is supplied in plug and play mode. Only a 230V plug is required, install the panel, and connect the elements (supplied with connectors).

Some possible configurations and applications:

Automatic switch from crosswalk to forklift danger signal, to warn pedestrians of the imminent forklift passage.
Automatic switch from crosswalk to stop signal, to make pedestrians stop when a forklift approaches.
Locking of crosswalk access door using an electromagnet, to prevent pedestrians from accessing the crosswalk in any way when a forklift approaches.
Signaling with traffic light (green-red) to indicate to pedestrians whether they can cross the crosswalk or not.


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